Mascherano sent off against United from the Stretford end

Mascherano sent off against United from the Stretford end

태그 : 마스체라노
영상 시간 : 23
평점 : 3.62

좋아요 : 21 , 안좋아요 : 8

출처 : Bargain Boozing

After The fool got sent off the stretford end bids Mascherano farewell!

업데이트 날짜 : 2008-03-24 18:44:20
After The fool got sent off the stretford end bids Mascherano farewell!


  1. talking about collapsing 2-1 hull!!!!!! COME ON TIGERS

  2. thats what the kopshite shouted when vida got sent off at your place so how can you talk

  3. bit of a hint dont talk about league position until the season is over united are still warming up BEWARE the real united are coming

    and also what does your comment haev to do with mine

  4. liverpool are the most sucessful team in english history and we are 2nd at the mo and already beat you this season. fuck u! LOL!

  5. so true i am a manc red and nearly every1 i know is and have been for generations and i know lots of evertonions and fuck all of them wankers because they have next to no fans and the torres song is a rip off os o'shea we sang that for years especially since he beat them twats!

  6. im the inbred now? grammar? soz sir! its just txt tlk u fukin mac twat!

  7. Your fans only propa sing bcoz u have got gd players and u have got gd players coz use hav got wods of cash and wer cash cums in trophies cum in and wer trophies cum in GLORY HUNTING fans cum in!! u reli dnt get it do ya!! havent u eva seen or heard that r fans r gr8 on videos and shit!!

  8. i hate scouse bastards steal are song fukin wankers they shud all BE FUKIN SHOT

  9. 1). No we dnt do steal chants one bit!! And celtic dnt sing it aswell as us it maybe loud yh!! but its too slow!!
    2). Bolloks to that completely !! th amount of fans use hav got outside manchester is unbelievable, which i suppose is a gd point !! but relise why they support u they are GLORY HUNTERS!!!! get it into ur thik hed use are like chelsea all ova !! bags of money, shit songs, coky bastards and GLORY HUNTING fans!
    3). w/e m8/1
    4). use outsing us?? pftt, maybe make a racket like !!

  10. 1). us singin you'll never walk alone has nothink to do with celtic.
    2). We make up r our own songs (use cant even copy songs coz use hav got no real fans they are all either chinese and have came to see there first Prem game and then th uther half are GLORY HUNTERS!!(hu liv nowhere near mancland), all REAL mancs are man city fans!)
    3). Use actually hv a song for John O'shea??? OMG thats LOW that nxt u will be tellin me u have got one for fukin Wes Brown
    4). Ur jealous of are singin fans!!!!

  11. M8 1st of all you dnt no th real reason we sing You'll neva walk alone, and i can assure you its nothing to do with Celtic! 2nd of all WTF is showaddyaddy? (not another stupid manc word?) 3rd of all th torres song is sheer genius. 4th of all are songs are so much better than yours! and 5th of all ur just jealous m8! U imbred cunts!!

  12. Why don't you take a trip dwn the th M62 and see how to sing a song?! All your songs r shit! cherio? WTF?? viva ronaldo thats shit aswell you's remind me of fuking chelsea! all they sing is chelsea, chelsea, chelsea! you have got no propa fans!!

  13. ha ha this is the most ridiculous chant i have ever heard who the fuck uses the word chereo?? Try going east my friends and have a look how chanting should be done 😉 no hard feelings, I buy the whole england started it all shit 🙂

  14. all you gota say is


  15. Lol, me thinks if it was Ronaldo being sent off infront of the Kop for moaning his way to a red card, there would be a party on Merseyside! LOL

    We'll Never Die!

  16. R.I.P – Liverpool…..

  17. Christiano "Diver" Ronaldo

  18. We will won't we.

  19. He had it wrong, we won 5 matches in a row. You haven't scored a goal against us in 2 years. We plan to add on to that record. Dumb Liverpool fans. Your season is over. If you somehow manage to beat Arsenal, Chelsea will destroy you and if by some miracle (more like dodgy penalty or dive from Gerrard), either Barca or us will just embarrass you.

  20. ur assholes' electric? must be all those scousers banging u in it.

  21. 5 in a row against Liverpool. Last time you even scored against United was 2 years ago. United is 1st, you're fighting for fourth. You should choose your words more wisely.

  22. Not a man u fan- but anyone who beats red scouse shite deserves a clap

  23. Can we play you every week?
    … 3-0? 1-0? Add that to the other 5 victories Fergie has had throughout the RAFAlution, and you think you have the right to talk? It's more like the ROFLution! Because it's fantastic to watch that laughing stalk than comes from Analfield.

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